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Elevate equine care with Redmond’s Daily Duo. Our foundational mineral supplements support core health through comprehensive hydration and improved gut performance. Learn how to customize your program in two simple steps

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Product Features

Sea Salt marked marked marked marked
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Hydration Aids marked marked marked marked
Added Vitamins marked marked
Added Vitamins marked marked

Horse Type

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When/Why choose Crushed vs

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Daiy Gold

Redmond Rock Crushed is great for horses with access to diverse grasses and open pasture who still need to fill in mineral gaps.


Daiy Gold

Daily Red benefits horses that are boarded or stabled, hard-working, nutritionally depleted, as well as pregnant mares and growing foals.

frequently asked questions

Can I feed my horse too much garlic?

The short answer is yes. Garlic is a powerful little plant with amazing healing, disease-inhibiting, and natural fly-repelling properties, but it needs to be fed in the proper amounts. We’ve taken care to ensure Crushed with Garlic serving recommendations fall within the National Research Council’s guidelines of how much garlic to feed horses. Learn More Here

Does garlic cause anemia in horses?

Redmond products are great

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