We love horses, so we understand that when your horse feels good, you feel good. We provide natural, effective products that let you focus on what you love about your horse without worrying about their health.

Core Values

These four core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to why
we do what we do. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions about
everything from the way we do business to the products that we pursue.



It’s a special moment when you look into your horse’s
eyes and feel that connection. You’d do anything for him.
If you’ve never owned one, you’ll never understand.



Our community is your community. We share a passion and
understanding for horses. We believe we are improving life as we
share our ideas, experiences, and products with our community.



Our horses allow us to explore the outdoors with those we love,
and experience places others may never see. We have formed
relationships on the trail, strengthened family ties, and made
lasting memories with our horses and those we love.



We produce products we believe in. Products that cultivate
a holistic balance in your horse. Our products are horse-approved,
and we will always stand behind them. Guaranteed.

our manifesto