Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver
Redmond Earthpaste with Silver

Redmond Earthpaste with Silver

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After a long search for effective, natural toothpaste for our families, we made Earthpaste. We started with hydrated Redmond Bentonite Clay, then added xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. Recently, we made one more awesome addition— the pure, effective cleanser nano silver. And that’s it. Everything your mouth needs to feel clean and nothing extra. If you’re looking for a toothpaste that’s unlike any other you’ve used before, try Earthpaste. It’s refreshingly different!

No junk Ingredients

Earthpaste’s ingredients are all simple, clean, and real. It doesn’t contain any glycerin, fluoride, foaming agents, artificial coloring, or other junk ingredients you find in traditional toothpastes.

Redmond Clay

Earthpaste is the only toothpaste that contains our unique bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a powerful natural tooth polisher that can help remove surface stains, bind to bacteria, and make the mouth more alkaline.

Stronger with Silver

The newest addition to our Earthpaste formula is nano silver, a pure, effective cleanser that makes a difference in the health of your mouth. Earthpaste’s powerful combo of bentonite clay and nano silver leaves teeth feeling super clean without harsh ingredients.

Silver and your teeth

What is nano silver?

It has well-documented antimicrobial benefits and is safer and more stable than other types of silver. The type of nano silver we use is:

-Backed by 420 independent, third-party studies.

-Won’t harm probiotics like other forms of silver.

-Isn’t metabolized by the body.

-Is easily excreted from the body without any residual build-up.

What are the benefits of Earthpaste?



-No glycerin

-No fluoride


-No coloring


Water, bentonite clay, non-GMO xylitol, nano silver solution, sea salt


Cinnamon - cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark essential oil, tea tree essential oil

Peppermint - peppermint essential oil, menthol, tea tree essential oil

Peppermint with Charcoal - activated charcoal, peppermint essential oil, menthol, tea tree essential oil

Lemon Twist - lemon essential oil, tangerine essential oil, lime essential oil, lemon verbena essential oil

Wintergreen - wintergreen essential oil, menthol, tea tree essential oil

Spearmint - spearmint essential oil, menthol, tea tree essential oil

Spearmint with Charcoal - activated charcoal, spearmint essential oil, menthol, tea tree essential oil

Spearmint Unsweetened - (No non-GMO xylitol)


Redmond Clay: Binds to bacteria, helps neutralize acids in the mouth, as well as aids in polishing and remineralizing teeth.

Nano silver: Has powerful antimicrobial properties that promote healthy teeth and gums. Research shows nano silver’s small size can penetrate cells better to target microbes that could compromise oral health. Silver is also proven to act against biofilm buildup.

Activated charcoal: Has antimicrobial properties and potentially removes surface stains. A lot of people report a powerful whitening effect from charcoal but there aren’t scientific studies to prove that yet. Our tests on clay toothpaste vs. clay toothpaste with charcoal show they whiten/remove stains about equally.

Real Salt: Bacteria can’t survive in salt (which is why it’s used to preserve meat). These antibacterial properties can benefit the teeth and gums. That’s why salt water mouth rinses are often recommended by dentists.

Xylitol: The plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth typically use glucose for food, but they try to consume xylitol too (even though they are unable to use it as a fuel source). Once absorbed, the xylitol blocks their ability to consume glucose and causes these harmful bacteria to starve.

Menthol: Has antimicrobial properties that can combat the bacteria that contribute to plaque. It’s also been shown to relieve oral discomfort and canker sores. We always use natural not synthetic menthol.

Tea tree oil: Has antimicrobial properties that can combat oral bacteria and act against biofilms. It also has inflammation-soothing properties that can support healthy teeth and gums.

Other essential oils: Essential oils found in various varieties of Earthpaste (like peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, citrus, and cinnamon oil) also have antimicrobial benefits, contain antioxidants, ease inflammation, and make Earthpaste taste great.



We source activated charcoal from both hardwood and coconut shells.


The wintergreen and cinnamon essential oils come from Madagascar and Sri Lanka. The peppermint essential oil generally comes from the North West. While not certified organic, they are considered wild-crafted.


We decided to include high-quality essential oils in Earthpaste because they make it taste great and they have awesome oral health benefits. But it didn’t take long for us to realize that people who love essential oils really love essential oils. And, for many of you, brand matters. We thought about picking the best oils nature has to offer, putting their logo on the tube, and including brand names in the ingredient list (just like we list Real Salt instead of “sea salt” and Redmond Clay instead of “bentonite clay"). But the research was tricky. We had a hard time telling the difference between really great marketing and really great oils. So we made a tough decision: we stripped away the brand names, took the oils into the lab, and paid attention to the oils themselves. No labels. No marketing. Just essential oils. In the end, we picked what worked best in Earthpaste, and, importantly, aligned most closely with Redmond’s guiding principles: 100% pure essential oils that are never farmed or sprayed with pesticides. We believe nature has it right, and we’re happy we didn’t have to compromise with our essential oils. We know, you’re still waiting for a brand name. But we’re not going to tell you. We’ll keep this one to ourselves because of the passion people have for their particular brand of oils. The marketing messages are intense and divisive, and we don’t want to fuel sales for one brand (“Earthpaste chose our brand! Hooray!”) or upset sales representatives from brands we don’t use. Basically, in the battle over essential oil brands, we’re determined to stay neutral. We tried them all and chose what best matches our values and quality standards, so we could create amazingly natural (and effective) toothpaste that you and your family can count on.

Customer Reviews

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Meredith Smith

Redmond Earthpaste with Silver

Lacie Beall
Earthpaste with silver

Overall love the redmond earthpaste with silver. Leaves a clean feel with no grittiness from other essential oil paste.

Teeth definitely feel cleaner!

Got this in a whim because I was out of toothpaste and order rock on a rope for my mustangs. Very pleasantly surprised with this toothpaste. No weird aftertaste, doesn’t feel gritty, no overwhelming mint. My teeth feel clean though and it lasts until morning. Definitely will buy more. Now if only they would sell human grinder salt refills on the equine site, Id be set!

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