Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration
Re-Lyte® Hydration

Re-Lyte® Hydration

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We developed Redmond Re-Lyte Hydration with a team of healthcare and fitness experts determined to create an effective, refreshing hydration mix you can feel good about drinking daily. Designed to support any and every lifestyle, this sugar-free blend of Redmond Real Salt and essential electrolytes contains everything you need to hydrate better, so you feel better.

  • Zero calories
  • Mixes easily
  • Optimal electrolyte ratio
  • Delicious taste

Why did the serving size of Re-Lyte change?

Delicious without any Junk

Re-Lyte Hydration has a subtle, salty-sweet flavor that makes it unique and incredibly delicious. It doesn’t contain any sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or junk ingredients, so you can feel good about making it a regular part of your clean lifestyle.

Fasting friendly electrolytes

Unflavored Re-Lyte Hydration has all the electrolytes your body needs to fend off fasting headaches or the keto flu— and with zero calories, it won’t break your fast. Mix it with cold water and drink up, so you feel energized and awesome during your next intermittent or multi-day fast.

Why calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate makes Re-Lyte easier to mix and calorie-free. Because it’s combined with citric acid, taking calcium carbonate in Re-Lyte isn’t the same as taking it by itself.

More on Calcium Carbonate

Where is Re-Lyte made?

Like all Redmond products, Re-Lyte Hydration is produced in world-class clean room facilities in the United States. The facility that produces Re-Lyte Hydration regularly exceeds the standards for certification. You can view the relevant production licenses and certificates online.

What does the Ancient sea salt do?

One of the most important ingredients in all our Re-Lyte varieties is our unrefined, ancient sea salt, Real Salt. We included Real Salt in Re-Lyte because it’s a healthy, natural source of electrolytes, especially sodium and chloride.

How are the Re-Lyte mixes different?

Re-Lyte Hydration is designed to be your go-to source of everyday hydration and contains the most electrolytes. Re-Lyte Immunity, Pre-Workout, and Boost contain electrolytes along with additional nutrients and herbs to support healthy immunity, workout stamina, and everyday energy.

FAQs on Re-Lyte Hydration

How to mix Relyte Hydration.


Ancient sea salt (Redmond Real Salt), GMO-free citric acid, natural flavors, rebaudioside A (stevia leaf extract). CONTAINS COCONUT.

Relyte has the ideal ratio of electrolytes and trace minerals.

Redmond Re-Lyte Hydration flavor ingredients.



We highly recommend using Re-Lyte Hydration while fasting because it's a great way to replenish your electrolytes. Maintaining balanced electrolyte levels while fasting can help fend off some of the negative side effects of fasting like headaches and fatigue. Re-Lyte Hydration provides all the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated without breaking your fast. Every flavor of Re-Lyte Hydration contains no calories or carbs.


Mild symptoms of improperly balanced electrolytes include dizziness and muscle weakness or cramping. Re-Lyte Hydration helps support proper muscle function by increasing the levels of sodium, potassium, and calcium your cells have access to – whether you’re in the middle of a hard workout or simply waking to leg cramps at night.


Many of our customers have told us that since they've started using Re-Lyte they have way fewer headaches, and there's a good reason for that. Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration. If you want to address dehydration (and the headaches that come with it), you need to drink plenty of water and get plenty of electrolytes. There's also research linking specific electrolytes to a reduced risk of developing headaches. Research shows, for example, that people who consume more sodium are less likely to suffer from migraines. Research also shows that magnesium supplements can reduce the odds of developing headaches. There's even evidence that people have low magnesium levels while they're suffering from a migraine, which means there could be a connection between migraines and magnesium deficiency for some people. So if you suffer from frequent headaches, you should make healthy hydration and electrolyte replenishment a top priority.


We want you to have the best possible experience with this awesome electrolyte mix. So, for your first rodeo, try the following: Mix one scoop of Re-Lyte Hydration with 16-18 oz. of water. If your Re-Lyte tastes saltier than you'd like, feel free to add a bit more water (or reduce the scoop size). If you want it a bit stronger, add less water. Remember this is all about you and your taste preference. Make it how you like it! Give it a good stir (or shake if you’re using a blender bottle), and voilà — refreshing, perfectly blended Re-Lyte! There may be some leftover sediment at the bottom of your container when you're all through with it. Don't worry about this. It's just natural trace minerals from our pure, unrefined sea salt. Real Salt contains 60+ nourishing trace minerals and not all of them are water-soluble. Our Unflavored Re-Lyte has wonderful benefits, but it does have a very salty taste. Some people prefer to add in their favorite flavorings and/or sweeteners. You could also try adding it to your smoothie, juice, or morning cup of joe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elizabeth Eide
Absolutely love Re-Lyte Hydration

The strawberry lemonade is my favorite so far. No weird taste and keeps you hydrated.

Hi Elizabeth! We're delighted to hear that strawberry lemonade is your favorite- it's one of our favorites too! It’s such a refreshing choice, on a hot summer day! Plus, the fact that it keeps you hydrated without any weird taste is the best! Here's to staying hydrated and refreshed all summer long!


Love this product, it tastes so good!

Thanks, Paige! Happy hydrating all summer long :) My favorite is Blackberry Immunity :)

Alisha Anderson
Great product!

Taste great, works and cheaper than similar brands

Kailla Watters
Hanging salt licks

A must for being on the road! My horses love the licks when traveling/ weather change and over all electrolytes that are needed.

Christoph Schork

Excellent product for prevention of muscle cramps

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