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I put the health and happiness of the horse above all else. I feel and value the special bond of human and horse. I am passionate about the positive impact the REDMOND brand and products have on our industry.

Our Redmond


The heart and soul of Redmond’s Equine business is built around inspiring beautiful moments between humans and horses. We provide a solid nutritional foundation built by Mother Nature herself that helps people focus on loving life with their equine partners.

We know many of you share this passion and love our brand. We would love to hear from you!


Blogger, Social, Podcasts, YouTube

With so many ways to share information today, we admire those who have found their own creative way to spend the days talking all things horses. If sharing cool tidbits about brands and products is part of your scheduled programming, let us know if you’d like to join in on the fun!


Dressage, Barrels, Pleasure, Eventing, Endurance, Jumping, and more

Whether you compete for a living or as an amateur, we’d love to help you and your partner(s) on your competitive journey. Learn more about how we can support you when you tell others about your experience while out there loping, jumping, sliding, turning, doing whatever it is you do best!


Vets, trainers, chiropractors, instructors, farriers, clinicians, massage therapists

You take great pride in the guidance and support you provide for your clients and their horses. We’d like to recognize these efforts and provide you with a program that makes it easy to recommend Redmond products when and where you feel it is a good fit.

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