Let’s Expect More from Horse Supplements

We believe nature has it right, and when it comes to supplements, less is more. At Redmond, we provide simple, nature-made products that allow you and your horse to do more of what you love, together.

We Value Keeping It Simple, Clean & Real

Simple Supplements

Simple does not mean simplistic. Redmond minerals are born from Mother Nature’s intelligence and complexity. We are committed to offering holistic products that provide a foundation for wellness and empower more beautiful moments with your horse.

Clean Ingredients

What goes into our horses matters. We are meticulous about ingredients; you won’t find anything in our supplements that does not serve a purpose. Every product is crafted and inspired by nature to be good for the equine body inside and out.

Real Experiences

Meaningful connections with humans and horses make up the good stuff in life. We strive to elevate both! You’ll always know what to expect from us with every interaction: real products, genuine people, and signature quality and service.

Our “Love It or Return It” Promise

We offer products we believe in and that cultivate a holistic balance in your horse. Our products are horse-approved, and we will always stand behind them. Guaranteed.


Every purchase backed by our “Love it or Return It” promise

Try any product, worry-free, with peace of mind every time

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right

We Elevate Living

 It all started with a rock; our brand launched as Redmond Rock in 2009.

One of our founding team members is a former Olympic pentathlete.

Basil was our first product taste-testing horse and champ. He’s still going strong! 


Minerals mined from an ancient seabed in redmond, utah.

Redmond Equine’s unique balance of minerals comes directly from an ancient mineral seabed mined in Redmond, UT. These trace minerals are balanced and proportioned by nature--meaning, nature determines the minerals present and their quantities.

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