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Thank you for taking action and clicking on one of our partner's links. They have referred you because they have seen Redmond products work for their horse. This one month bundle is 20% off for you. Everyone wins especially your horse!
Black Friday Bundle
Get 20% off when you order this great bundle from Redmond Equine. It includes the following:
  1. Redmond Rock on a Rope

  2. 5lb pouch of Daily Red

  3. 5lb pouch of Daily Gold

  4. Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe

  5. Great additional information about our products.

Brand New Product:


Redmond Electrolyte: (On Sale For Only $9.99)

Take me to the Electrolyte Paste!

Here are some great options to try:

Stress Relief Sample pack: (first time buyers get 50% off)

  1. 1 week sample of Daily Gold 
  2. pre-race paste syringe
  3. Info card and Redmond sticker
  4. Free Redmond Real Salt shaker for your table.

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Hydration Sample Pack: (first time buyers get 50% off)

  1. 5 Redmond Rock Crushed sample packs
  2. 5 Rein Water sample packs
  3. 1-2 lb Redmond Rock
  4. Info card and Redmond sticker
  5. Free Redmond Real Salt shaker for your table.

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Mineral Sample Pack: (first time buyers get 50% off)

  1. 1x Rock on a Rope 3-5lb
  2. 5 x Packets Daily Red
  3. 5 x Packets RW
  4. Daily Red Info Card
  5. Redmond Logo sticker
  6. 2oz Redmond Realsalt shaker
Rock on a Rope
Redmond Rock on a Rope is a handy rock salt lick that promotes a hydrated, healthy horse. Tie it to a barn, stall or fencepost for easy access at home or on the road.
Horses thrive on the minerals Redmond Rock provides. In many cases, when given the rock for the first time, mineral deficient horses won’t leave it alone! The minerals in Redmond Rock can help restore and bring your horse back into his natural mineral balance. By including Redmond Rock as a free choice mineral supplement in their pasture or stall your horse will have access to the finest natural mineral source available, and in the form that the horse’s natural intelligence teaches him to seek.
Daily Gold
Take the burn out of poor equine digestion with Daily Gold Stress Relief. It helps your horse get back to health by buffering acid, soothing stomach upset and repairing ulcers. Daily Gold has a way with digestive issues. Unique molecules attract and bind toxins that cause stomach trouble while its high pH helps take the burn out of acidic ulcers and sores.
Daily Red
Daily Red is a boosted mineral supplement created from natural sea salt that delivers a complete balance of essential minerals. It begins with 63 minerals that come naturally in Redmond salt, and to that we add vitamins A, D and E and a boosted mineral formulation to promote peak health and performance in your horse.
Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe
Daily Gold Quick-Relief Syringe delivers on-the-spot relief to calm pre-race jitters by buffering stomach acid and helping your horse feel more relaxed, comfortable and focused. Quick Relief Syringe offers fast relief for faster times

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