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We are Redmond. We know that when your horse feels good, you feel good. We offer natural, effective supplements that help focus on what you love about your horse, without worrying about their health.

Redmond Equine Supplements

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Redmond’s Simplicity

Mother Nature created a mineral foundation that promotes gut stability and mineral balance. Redmond brings this to you in a clear 3 Step Foundational Program--making it a smart and easy addition to any feeding plan.

Redmond Equine Supplements

Step 1


GUT STABILITY: Choose your favofite Daily Gold option.
Daily Gold balances pH, binds toxins, buffers acid, promotes a healthy microbiome, and improves nutrient absorption.

Step 2


Mineral Balance: Choose your favorite loose mineral salt product:

  • Redmond Rock Crushed provides the foundation of balanced minerals needed each day to maximize health and performance.
  • Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic is a seasonal product that offers the same essential minerals plus garlic for natural pest control.
  • Daily Red is for horses who need a boosted mineral and vitamin package.

Step 3

Free Choice

STEP 3 FREE CHOICE: Add a Redmond Rock. Equines have a natural inclination to seek out sources for the minerals they need. Offer a Redmond Rock free choice so they can self-regulate their mineral needs.

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