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Why feed loose minerals?

Are you feeding salt and minerals in loose form? You should be!

Water is a horse's most important nutrient and feeding loose salt helps give you the peace of mind they are going to drink what they need.

Redmond's loose salt, the crushed version of our trusted Redmond Rock™, is sea-salt-based with essential electrolytes that activate thirst signals and keep horses drinking. 

Nature balances our minerals, making them work together in beautiful harmony. And because they are in loose form, you can ensure they get their daily dose. 
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Daily Red® Crushed™ Garlic - Mineral Supplement for Horses
Daily Red® Crushed™ - Mineral Supplement for Horses
Daily Red® Fortified - Vitamin & Mineral Supplement For Horses
Daily Red® Fortified Garlic - Horse Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

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