Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice

Red Edge - Equine Poultice

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Bentonite Clay Poultice for Horses

Looking for a natural solution to reduce swelling in your horse’s legs? Draw out inflammation and swelling with Redmond Poultice. Redmond bentonite clay keeps legs cool and tight before exercise and reduces swelling and soreness after. Give your horse the leading edge with Red Edge Equine Poultice.


Red Edge is a natural analgesic that relieves sore muscles, tendons, bruises, and sprains.


Redmond bentonite cooling clay draws out heat, fluid, and inflammation.


Therapeutic menthol, peppermint, and tea tree oils cool hot spots and help your horse relax.


Our ingredients are simple: Redmond clay, Redmond salt, purified water, menthol, and essential oils.


Contains no chemicals to irritate your horse’s skin, which means it’s safe to use under wraps and bandages.


Our equine poultice goes on smooth and washes off easily with water.


Red Edge Poultice is an add-on in our Foundational Horse Care Program. It's soothing therapy for traveling, hard-working performance horses. Complete your program with other Redmond favorites for best results.

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Foundational Horse Care Program

Learn why Redmond bentonite clay in Red Edge Poultice is uniquely good at reducing swelling in horse's legs.

How to Reduce Swelling in Legs

Application Instructions:

Redmond poultice is easy to apply straight out of the bucket! It goes on smooth and easily washes off with water. Apply a generous layer to your horse’s legs or use with wraps for a more intensive treatment. Leave on overnight or approximately 12 hours. Red Edge is also great for hoof abscesses and soreness.


Watch this video to learn different ways to use and apply Red Edge Poultice.


For thousands of years humans have used poultices for horses as a “drawing salve” to prevent and heal injury. Poultices are usually made from clay and water and applied from knee to fetlock. Redmond bentonite clay is uniquely good at drawing out toxins, excess fluid, and improving blood circulation.



Purified Water, Bentonite Clay (of the montmorillonite family), Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol, Redmond Real Salt®, Tea Tree Oil.


Do I have to wrap the poultice after applying?

You can use Red Edge alone or in combination with wraps for a more intensive treatment. Watch this video to see  how to apply our poultice with wraps: Click here!

Can I apply Red Edge and let it dry?

You bet. Just apply Red Edge straight to your horse’s legs and leave it for 12 hours. It washes off easily with water even after its dried.

Will Red Edge cause blisters?

There are no harsh chemicals in Red Edge to irritate or burn your horse’s skin. It’s also safe to use under wraps and bandages.

Can I use it on myself?

Yes! Many of our customers have reported successfully using our poultice to relieve stiff or sore muscles. Read this customer story.

What if my horse licks off some of the Red Edge poultice?

No worries! Red Edge is completely natural, and there’s no harm whatsoever if your horse licks or ingests some.

Customer Reviews

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Selene NC
Amazing Results

I have been a huge fan of Redmond products for years, and I heard great things about this poultice and after buying it and using it myself they are absolutely true!! Super fast results, smells good, easy to put on and my horse likes it. We went on a pretty hard ride over some really bad footing and he had some swelling in one of his back legs after it and didn't want to put weight on it and was lame and this will be the third day putting this on and the results are so good and amazing! The swelling has gone down significantly and he is almost back to 100%. And I've barely used any of the product, this will last me for ages!
Also a bonus, I have arthritis and my hands often hurt and after putting it on my horse with my hands they felt so much better as well!
Only positive things to say, I 100% recommend this product

Good morning, Selene! It’s wonderful to hear about your positive experience with Redmond’s poultice for your horse. As fellow horse owners, we understand there's no better feeling than watching the swelling decrease significantly and witnessing a full recovery in our equine companions. Knowing your horse feels good even after challenging work is the BEST feeling! And the added bonus of relief for your arthritis is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your recommendation; we're sure others will find it valuable too. Feel welcome to explore Redmond Life: our human-based brand where you’ll find an array of products—from Real Salt to Re-Lyte to Earthpaste—including additional Redmond Clay offerings thoughtfully created for indivdiuals like you!

Madi Laber
Love it!!

Absolutely love it! I have a baby qh with an old splint who I event, and he adores it! Struggled to find something that was specifically helpful for that leg after xc, and this has not disappointed! Thank you!

Thank you so much for your positive feedback on our Red Edge - Equine Poultice! We're so happy to hear that it's been a great aid for your horse, especially with his old splint. Thank you for choosing Redmond Equine and we wish you and your horse continued success in eventing!


Red Edge - Equine Poultice

Anna Bogdanich
HIGHLY recommend!!

My horse had gotten cellulitis from a small cut that went unnoticed on her carpus bone area. She has been on antibiotics for the last week and bute for a week on and off. And also wrapped for the past 10 days with cold hosing every couple of days. The swelling has been extremely stubborn. I started off with trying DMSO, but that had no noticeable impact on her swelling. I then used the Redmond Poultice clay under a dry wrap, and the swelling is barely there now!! The best part about this product is that it’s all natural too!! Will be recommending this product to anyone and everyone!!

This is the very best news! Redmond is committed to premium, natural products for your horse and we love hearing success stories like this! Thank you for finding us on Amazon. Happy healing ;)

Michelle Warth
I love the texture

it's so smooth and cool and easy to use. You don't have to worry about it burning like some poultice's

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