4.5 lb Pouch
Case of 6
Case of 6
25 lb Bucket
Quick Relief Syringe
Quick Relief Syringe

So how much of each mineral is my horse actually getting from Daily Gold?

Calcium: 994 mg/oz
Phosphorus: 227 mg/oz
Salt: 710 mg/oz
Magnesium: 227 mg/oz
Potassium: 198 mg/oz
Sulfur: 45 mg/oz
Copper: 0.57 mg/oz
Iron: 110 mg/oz
Manganese: 11 mg/oz


What is Daily Gold?

Daily Gold is Redmond’s very own naturally occurring bentonite clay that contains a collection of different minerals and elements – the building blocks of life.

What does it  do?

Daily Gold has a way with digestive issues. Unique molecules attract and bind toxins that cause stomach trouble while its high pH helps take the burn out of acidic ulcers and sores. Our customers have had great success with treating horses with ulcer symptoms, diarrhea, lack of appetite, stress, and more.

How do I use  it?

Two scoops per day, added to your feed, will be enough for many horses. If your horse works hard, trains hard, or needs gut and digestion relief, feed 3 scoops daily.

What is Daily Gold?

Daily Gold is a completely natural montmorillonite clay that contains 68 minerals and 3% sodium chloride. These same 68 elements are found in the tissues of animals and people – they are the building blocks of life. This montmorillonite clay was born in the depths of an active volcano and when the volcano erupted, came out as volcanic ash that settled into an ancient sea.

How long will a pouch of Daily Gold last one horse?

For horses that are working at an average level, feed 2 ounces per horse per day (1 ounce scoop is included in every pouch). Given that the Daily Gold contains 72 ounces of product, one bag should last one horse 36 days.

Will Daily Gold help with ulcers?

We’ve seen a lot of great success with customers using Daily Gold to treat horses that have ulcer symptoms. Since ulcers are formed in horses when hydrochloric acid builds up in the stomach, the alkaline nature (pH over 9) of Daily Gold buffers the acid and allows the ulcers to heal. Since it can immediately start to soothe the horse, the horse oftentimes returns to a normal eating schedule which also will help to control the acid buildup.

If I feed Daily Gold and other mineral supplementation, am I over supplementing?

Because Daily Gold provides a broad spectrum of minerals (68 to be exact) in trace amounts, it is safe to feed with other supplements. Daily Gold helps to fill in the gaps where other supplements cannot – most mineral supplements contain up to 12 minerals.

What does Daily Gold do for my horse?

Daily Gold serves to balance digestive system ph, fortify the animal with 68 minerals, draw out feed molds and allergens, soothe ulcers – helping them to heal and improve feed digestion efficiency. Many horse owners report that their horse is more relaxed yet energetic when competing. Many report shinier, healthier coats, healthy weight gain, and overall better health.

Do I need to worry about my horse getting too much iron from Daily Gold?

Short answer: no. Long answer: http://www.redmondequine.com/iron-in-redmond-rock-and-daily-gold/

How  many doses do I need?

It depends on the issue. You may do 1 dose per day for 1 or 2 days and then continue with the Daily Gold Stress Relief pouch, or you could do a does every day for a week or two.

When would I use this?

  • When your horse has diarrhea
  • Extra protection prior to or during stressful situations, such as: trailering, competing, moving, etc.
  • A quick way of dosing at the first notice of symptoms associated with a sore stomach or colic
  • A way to alleviate ulcer pain by lining the stomach
  • If your horse is off his feed, this provides a way to ensure he still gets Daily Gold
  • A way to jumpstart the effects of Daily Gold if just starting the program
  • Any time you feel extra protection is necessary
  • Pre-ride calming so you can have a great ride


– Brandee

– Jodie

– Ella

“I used it to help ease my mare out of her bout with diarrhea and it worked wonderfully. Her stools were back to normal after two days (one dose per day coupled with her standard dose of Daily Gold powder).”
Dalia Griffith

“Great product. It controlled the diarrhea my horse had from the rich grass we have this summer. Works like a charm. Would highly recommend.”
Ruta S.

“I really loved the Quick Relief Syringe. My horse didn’t spit it out and it worked great for his runny poop!”

“I was really impressed by how fast it started working. Definitely will purchase again.”

“It worked quite well for my horse. I noticed a big difference in her attitude.”

“I used it at a show. It seemed to quiet the stomach. Horse had been having loose stool.”