"My mare, Annie, was having problems with anxious behavior at the trailer. She would pace, paw, and call-out to other horses, rather than just standing and relaxing, or eating. It was incredibly frustrating because I was always worried about the possibility of her doing something silly and hurting herself, but babysitting her at the trailer all day was not a realistic possibility. I tried a few different products, and they each seemed to help, but they were all too expensive to give to her at every single race. Then I found the Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringes. I gave one to Annie before we left for a race, and after unloading her and tying her to the trailer, she stood and calmly started munching on her hay. I was so relieved to have FINALLY found a product that not only helped to put my nervous horse at ease, but was also affordable enough to give to my horse before every run! The Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringes are easy to administer, easy to travel with, and they are much more affordable than comparable products. I don't leave for a barrel race or rodeo without my Daily Gold Quick Relief Syringes!"

Alyssa Fleming

Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe

Barrel racers are an exacting breed. You want a disciplined horse—one that’s calm entering the trailer, relaxed in the alley and laser-focused running the barrels. But competing can be stressful—and not just for you.

Many horses experience performance anxiety, and that can show up as digestive upset, ulcers, diarrhea, and an uncooperative or dangerous attitude. Your horse can only focus on one thing at a time—and if he’s distracted because of stress or digestive discomfort, he’s not focused on the race.

We get it. Lost time around the barrels means lost money for you—and a relationship with your horse that’s not as rewarding.  Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe can help. It delivers on-the-spot relief. It buffers stomach acid and calms and cools, helping your horse feel relaxed, comfortable and ready to work. (include sentence about diarrhea.

Don’t lose time with your horse because of performance anxiety. Keep our Stress Relief Syringe ready at hand for quick relief, better focus and faster times.

What’s in the syringe?

We believe in keeping it natural—with absolutely no chemicals or drugs to either artificially enhance or take away the competitive edge from your horse’s performance.

Our syringe contains just three ingredients: Redmond-brand bentonite clay, purified water, and organic peppermint essential oil. That’s it.

Our clay buffers stomach acid to help your horse feel comfortable, plus it contains 63 trace minerals necessary for optimal health and performance. Purified water hydrates the clay.  And organic peppermint oil aids with digestive upset, particularly during stressful situations. It also cools, relaxes, and promotes focus and clarity. Plus, horses love the taste!
When should I use the syringe

When should I use the syringe?

Many horses experience anxiety before potentially stressful events. For optimal results, administer our syringe 30-60 minutes before situations like:

  • Trailering
  • Competing
  • Training
  • Introducing new stall mates
  • Trail-riding with new horses

Our Stress Relief syringe is also exceptional at:

  • Remedying diarrhea quickly
  • Replacing electrolytes quickly

Stops diarrhea fast

Diarrhea in an adult horse or foal can be dangerous and needs to be addressed quickly. Our Stress Relief Syringe is a fast-acting, natural solution! The clay helps normalize digestion by attracting and binding bad bacteria and toxins, balancing pH and settling the stomach. Plus, the 63 trace minerals rapidly replenish depleted electrolytes and essential minerals lost through diarrhea.

Watch this video or read Lance Robinson’s story to see how our Stress Relief Syringe helped save his Quarter Horse foals.

How do I use the syringe?

Our Stress Relief Syringe is simple to use. Watch this short video to learn how.

For small horses you’ll want to use about 35 cc (half a syringe) and for average and large horses you’ll want to use about 70 cc (full syringe).