Nature Has It Right.

When it comes to your horse’s health, we believe nature has it right. Redmond Rock is the perfect way to satisfy your horse’s instinct for natural salt and minerals — more than sixty minerals just the way nature made them, with a taste your horse will love. Redmond products are mined in America.

A history of Redmond

Redmond’s story begins in 1958, when a prolonged drought forced two brothers to abandon their farm in central Utah. Aware that Native Americans had once harvested salt rock from their farmland, Milo and Lamar Bosshardt borrowed a little money and went into the salt business with little more than sledgehammers, picks, and a determination to provide for their families. Their salt deposit, the result of prehistoric volcanic activity that encased an ancient seabed, provided a naturally-balanced mineral salt that local ranchers credited for healthier herds. As the salt’s reputation grew, the Bosshardt brothers purchased land from their neighbors, giving them access to the entire deposit, estimated to extend several thousand feet below the surface of the earth.

It wasn’t only ranchers placing a premium on Redmond’s salt products. In the 1960′s, local governments realized that Redmond salt melted road ice more efficiently than traditional white salt, and Redmond began marketing crushed salt as a premium highway deicing salt. The product would later be known as Ice Slicer, and its often-imitated reddish color is still visible on clear winter roads throughout the western United States.

Eventually Redmond’s customers began asking for salt they could use in the kitchen, so in 1984 Redmond introduced Real Salt brand sea salt. Real Salt’s all-natural blend of minerals and salty-sweet flavor has made it one of Redmond’s most recognizable brands worldwide, and the best-selling salt in America’s health food stores.

In the early nineties, the Bosshardt family considered a new direction for the company’s future. Convinced that their products had unrealized potential, Redmond hired Rhett Roberts as a consultant to evaluate Redmond’s products and strategies. Roberts presented several ideas that would help Redmond become more than a traditional family-owned business, and the Bosshardts eventually asked him to join the company to implement the changes.

Change came frequently under Roberts’ leadership. Products were rebranded and repositioned in the marketplace, manufacturing processes were updated, and a new corporate philosophy began to form. Roberts had big ideas, and the Bosshardt family came to trust in his vision and integrity. Eventually the family decided the values and legacy of their company would continue with Roberts, and he purchased Redmond in 1999.

Redmond has grown steadily since then, extending well beyond the original focus of agricultural salt. Our brands include products for animals, businesses, homes, and our bodies, with each division focusing its growth on enriching the lives of our customers. Developing these brands helps Redmond remain true to its founders’ vision that “this company exists to bless the lives of others.”