Natural Supplements for

Optimal Horse Health

Explore our natural product lines elevating total equine health. From sea salt and minerals to superior gut health, we take a holistic approach to nutrition and healing. Because your horse’s health matters.

  • Whole nutrition mined in Utah, USA 
  • Products that nurture inside and out 
  • Simple, effective, and affordable 

Natural | Simple | Effective

What Matters to Us

+ what it means for you

Redmond mineral supplements offer foundational wellness for horses in every life stage and activity level

You get a healthier, happier horse that enjoys doing what you love together.

Our products are free of fillers and funny stuff; We use simple ingredients with purpose.

Utilize what you pay for, without waste or unwanted additives. 

Every purchase is backed by our “Love It or Return It” promise.

Try any product, worry free, with peace of mind every time.

Redmond’s Daily Duo

Simplify your equine supplements with Redmond foundational minerals. Our Daily Duo products support core horse health through comprehensive hydration and optimal gut performance.  

Step 1. Choose a Daily Red loose mineral salt + add a free-choice Redmond Rock. 

Step 2. Select the Daily Gold gut supplement that best fits your horse’s needs.

What our Clients say

When your horse feels good, you feel good. We provide natural, effective supplements that help you focus on what you love about your horse without worrying about their health.

Products That Matter To You

Daily Red® Fortified - Vitamin & Mineral Supplement For Horses

Daily Red® Fortified - Vitamin & Mineral Supplement For Horses

Pouch (5 lb)

Daily Red® Crushed™ Garlic - Mineral Supplement for Horses

Daily Red® Crushed™ Garlic - Mineral Supplement for Horses

Pouch (5lb)

Daily Gold® - Horse Gut Supplements

Daily Gold® - Horse Gut Supplements

Powder / Pouch (5 lb)

Red Edge - Equine Poultice

Red Edge - Equine Poultice

Bucket (9.5 lb)

Why the source of your horse supplements matter

Where It Comes from Matters

Formation of Redmond Salt

Formation of Salt


During the age of the dinosaurs a vast inland sea existed in central Utah. As the Sundance Sea receded, it left behind a rich deposit of minerals perfectly balanced by nature. This treasure, the origin of Redmond salt, was preserved in its crystallized state by a blanket of volcanic ash. It comes to your horse in the same unpolluted and unrefined state it exists underground.  

Minerals are balanced and proportioned by nature--meaning, nature determines the minerals present and their quantities..

Formation of Redmond Clay

Formation of Clay


Our bentonite clay first formed when a volcano erupted and dropped ash into the ancient Sundance Sea. As the waters dried up, the thick layer of ash on the sea floor weathered into a finely aged bentonite known for its incredible healing and detoxifying properties. It is the foundation of our digestive supplements and topical poultices. 

Every Redmond supplement there are at least 60 naturally occurring trace minerals that interact and join forces on metabolic pathways in humans, animals, and soils

Visit the Mine

Do you want to come see the mine?


Curious about what you’ve learned? We believe Mother Nature’s bounty is meant to be shared! Consider visiting us in person to tour our underground mine. You’ll experience an up-close look at where your horse’s salt and minerals come from and get a taste of rural Redmond—a tiny town full of goodness.  

Redmond Equine’s unique balance of minerals comes directly from an ancient mineral sea bed mined in Redmond, UT.

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